Initiating Tough Conversations with Aging Parents

Updated on 01/20/2022

As your parents age, a tough transitions begins. Once the authority figures that took care of you in pretty much all aspects of life may now need your support in a lot of things. This is when initiating difficult conversations with them can turn out to be intimidating, whether you want to ask them to give up driving, accept additional support in the form of an in-home caregiver, or even move to an assisted living facility, if necessary.

Here are some useful tips on how you can make these difficult conversations with your aging parents easier.

Don’t forget it’s a process

It is important to understand that the “conversation” is actually a series of conversations. Don’t expect them to understand your point of view at once. No matter the topic of conversation, it won’t be as easy as making a request, sharing your opinion, and being done with it. So, be prepared for many conversations before you both come to a conclusion on any subject.

Involve them in decision-making

Always listen to the concerns of your elderly parents and address them as honestly as possible. Whatever changes you want to make for them, make sure you ask for their input before making any decision. Share your concerns with them so they have a better understanding of why you want to make those changes. Involving them in the decision-making would ensure that they don’t feel like you are taking away their independence.

Seek help

You do not have to handle all the difficult conversations with your aging parents by yourself. You can ask other family members or your siblings to get involved too. Together, you’ll be able to make a more compelling argument and make them understand that you are looking out for their best interests.

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