Common Causes of Sleep Problems in the Elderly

Updated on 01/20/2022

Many older adults have trouble falling asleep, causing a daytime fatigue so overwhelming that they are unable to drive properly or take part in various normal activities. There are many changes in the sleeping patterns that people experience as they age, like having less deep sleep, feeling sleepy too early, waking up too early, waking up tired every day, etc. Before finding out the solution to sleep problems in the elderly, it is important to understand what causes them.

Shared below are some common causes of sleep problems in seniors:

Poor sleep habits & sleep environment – Irregular sleep hours, alcohol consumption before bedtime, switching on the TV when it is time to sleep, etc. are some of the things that are sure to get you disturbed sleep. So, make sure that your bedtime rituals are conducive to sound sleep, and you room is dark, quiet, and comfortable.

Medical conditions – People in old age often suffer from one or more health conditions that interfere with their sleep. It could be arthritis pain, diabetes, nighttime heartburn, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, or any other illness that could be affecting your sleep. It is important to talk to your doctor about your medical issues that are affecting your sleep so the problem can be addressed.

Lack of physical activity – If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may either never feel sleepy or feel sleepy all the time. Regular exercise promotes good sleep while benefitting you in a number of other ways.

Stress – There are various significant changes in the life of a senior, such as retirement, death of a spouse, etc. that can cause too much stress. Not only do these changes affect their mental health, but also their sleep.

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