5 Tips to Help You Take Better Care Of a Loved One with Dementia

Updated on 01/20/2022

It is no surprise that in addition to the terrible toll Dementia takes on its sufferers, it also puts a heavy burden on the family caregivers. Here are some tips that will help you deal with the situation better

• Don’t overwhelm yourself

The emotional stress that comes with caring for a person with the illness, especially if they’re a parent, is simply too much for an untrained individual to handle. That is why getting professional help from a specialized facility is strongly suggested.

• Have patience

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with a dementia patient is that they can’t communicate as they once did. In most cases, however, communication is possible, as long as you have patience.

• Don’t use baby talk

Even if they have memory issues, adults with dementia should be able to understand you if you speak in a slow, even tone. There is absolutely no need to use baby talk or any other condescending mode of communication.

• Plan ahead

Most patients with the disorder eventually require professional dementia care services and there is no reason to think that your elderly parent or relative will be any different. Reach out to a professional caregiver as soon as you get the first hints.

• Stay prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead

One of the many tragedies of the illness is that it always gets worse with time. In almost all cases, the extra care a person with worsening symptoms will require is simply too much for one person to handle. It is at this point that many adult children turn to specialized facilities.

Reaching out to a trusted dementia care provider like Helping Hand Nursing Services at the right time can be a great game changer. We have been providing top-quality elderly care in Lakeland, Florida since 1992 with the help of our dedicated team of caregivers. To learn about our senior care solutions, feel free to reach out to us @ (863) 616-1888.

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