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Client Testimonials

"Our caregivers from Helping Hand Nursing Services are very good with my mother, they love her and hold her hands, and they kiss her goodbye."


"My wife’s caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services is a very warm person and she doesn’t have to say anything; she is just interested in what she does and she cares about my wife. My wife’s caregiver has a good sense of humor and does her work, which really helps us."

Clare Mary

"The caregivers are very sweet and caring. They never lose their composure. They’re also very gentle. The caregiver does all the physical work that I can’t do because of my age and they take care of my loved one’s needs. The caregivers feed Sergio because he needs help with that. They also help wash his clothes for him."


"Helping Hand Nursing Services’ caregiver shows compassion by smiling at me and cheering me up when I am depressed, and has become my good friend. She loves me and I love her, she makes life worth living, and she is the most compassionate person I’ve met. They make sure that they do the things that I want done and help me with my hair or other things that are hard for me to do when they care for me. Helping Hand Nursing Services has made life easier by allowing me to live longer. Helping Hand Nursing Services’ office staff is very sweet, caring, and makes me feel like I am a part of the family. The Care Coordinator is just wonderful, he is very kind and very attuned to his communication with older people. He treats me special and there’s other people at the office that do the same thing. Helping Hand Nursing Services’ caregiver helps me shower, washes my clothes, makes my bed, changes my bed, cooks, takes me to my doctor, goes grocery shopping, and does light housekeeping."


"The Helping Hand Nursing Services caregivers come in to make sure that Audrey is dry, and they change her briefs. She’s checked every couple of hours, if not sooner. They are a good agency because I’ve had excellent CNAs take care of my loved one. I’ve had them for over two years, and I’ll stick around with them. Helping Hand Nursing Services’ services have made my life easier because there has only been one time where I didn’t get service. The services are helpful because they’re set up for our times when we need someone."


"The caregivers talk to William, and they play music for him. He can’t talk or walk, but they do good with him. I can tell that they care about him."


"The caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services sees the need without being told how I feel and what she can do. During the hurricane, the caregiver took me into her home for a number of days, so that I wouldn’t have to live in my mobile home. My favorite caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services shows me that she cares by having professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and courtesy. The caregivers gives Barbara love and attention, and they coordinate with us as a family. They update us about how she is doing constantly. Helping Hand Nursing Services is excellent. When my caregiver was unable to come, they responded with another caregiver who was just as efficient."


"The caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services loves Robert and Virginia, and they love her. They usually don’t trust people, so this has been great for them. I filled Helping Hand Nursing Services in on what Robert and Virginia needed and wanted, and the caregiver worked out perfectly. The office staff at Helping Hand Nursing Services helped me set up automatic pay. They call me back on a timely basis. Things have been running so smoothly."


"My caregivers are attentive and willing to be flexible to get things done. They will do things the way I want them done."


"They’re loving, sweet, and kind, and they’re just so loving toward her and will hold her hand. Every time I have question or a situation, the Care Coordinator is always available for me. If a problem comes up, he takes care of it. I can’t think of anything for Helping Hand Nursing Services to improve upon. We’ve been really satisfied."


"Our caregiver has brought my wife gifts, and they’ve brought her things that they thought my wife could use in her physical therapy. My wife’s primary caregiver has taken a more proactive role in my wife’s therapy than I expected."

Cynthia (Cindy)

"As the daughter, Helping Hand Nursing Services helps me out, and I am very happy with the caregiver I have right now. Helping Hand Nursing Services office staff always calls me about any changes, and it is very easy for me to make changes. My caregivers are good workers because they truly attend to my mother’s needs. It is hard to find people like my caregivers, and they do everything such as grocery shopping. There is no question. If it needs to be done, my caregivers will do it."


"Helping Hand Nursing Services has made my life easier because I have an excellent caregiver. The caregiver from Helping Hand Nursing Services is able to do everything. The caregiver cooks, cleans, reminds me to take my medication, makes sure I exercise, and anything else I need her to do, she does."

Lawanda “Lou”

"Helping Hand Nursing Services helps the most by letting me leave the house to do things; I feel comfortable. The Helping Hand Nursing Services caregiver we have is excellent."


"The caregivers provide care to mother that I couldn’t do by myself. The caregivers from Helping Hand Nursing Services are excellent caregivers for my mother."

Mary Dean

"Without them, I would have to sit with my mom throughout the night. They’re critical to my mom’s quality of life.They’re very caring people. The CNA I have with my mom now makes my mom feel very comfortable. The caregiver treats her like family. I will get texts if they have a concern about my mom or if something doesn’t feel right. They’re almost like family. They treat my mother as if she was a member of their family. My mom is comfortable and relaxed having the same caregiver there looking after her."


"They provided physical care and emotional support and they walked the dogs."


"Helping Hand Staff have been able to oversee the care and not involve me on small or minor things. If it’s something big, they will call or interact with us. They don’t call all the time, which gives me a life. They call me if there are any concerns. I had an issue with money matters and they worked with us on this, rather than discontinuing services with my cousin. They are empathetic, punctual, respectful, and courteous. There has never been one time that someone has not shown up to fulfill their responsibilities. They are professional, and are great at following through as well as communicating; their empathetic and sympathetic ways show their love to work with people. They take my loved one to the grocery store. They don’t go shopping alone, but they take my loved one. They volunteered to take her to a special event that was important for her."


"It helped us immensely and allowed us to go to work. The office staff that I dealt with was great, they were very friendly and willing to help out."


"The caregiver gives my wife a shower, and I am wiped out, so that is nice. My wife freaks out if she is alone when I leave, but with our caregiver around, she is calm."


"I feel so comfortable knowing that my loved one is being well taken care of during the day. Anytime I have ever needed to talk, they have always been available. They are always friendly. The caregiver is very well qualified to take care for my mother. I appreciate her dependability. We are very pleased with them. Anytime I have called in for a last minute issue, they have always found a replacement for us. They are also very receptive to any requests."


"Someone is there with my dad and I don’t have to worry."


"The office staff from Helping Hand Nursing Services was always there to help when I called them. The caregivers from Helping Hand Nursing Services were always prompt and very helpful. Helping Hand Nursing Services is a great agency because I had the best caregiver available."


"The office staff is really good because they solve my issues."


"Right now, we are in a great place. I appreciate their love, kindness, and how they treat Jane with dignity. The caregivers are always there for Jane. They do everything out of love for her and do their job efficiently."


"Joyce was extremely friendly and always willing to do whatever we asked her. She did above and beyond what was even necessary. The caregiver we had was very attentive and willing to do what we asked. She did more than we even thought she should."


"The caregivers from Helping Hand Nursing Services were competent and pleasant."


"The caregivers are conscientious, know their jobs, and have good working relationship with my parents. The caregivers are very professional and efficient."

Helen S

"The caregiver arrives early, keeps in touch with me, and notifies me when she leaves. She has excellent accountability, reliability, and communication. She has a tremendous caring capacity. She is an advocate for my mother when I am absent."

Helen W

"They are very attuned to what my mom needs. They do whatever my mom asks, and from then on, they know what to do beforehand. They anticipate what my mom needs. They are easy to work with and are responsive to the kind of care I need."

Mary H

"They continually provide quality care givers that are confident in their skills. They are very good at bringing in a substitute if we need someone at the last minute. I could go on and on!"


"We are very happy with them. They are very dependable. My mom really likes the person that cares for her and it has been really good for us."


"Last year when the hurricanes were coming through, they called to notify us of locations to go if needed."


"Very caring people Nurse Vickie is a “god sent.” She really cares for her patients. Always on time. Caring person. THANK YOU!!"


Caregiver Testimonials

"Helping Hand Nursing Services is a great company to work for. Staff is friendly & courteous, always willing to help in any way they can. Clients are always promptly provided, as needed. I’ve worked for HHNS for eleven years and enjoy working with this company very much."

Karen,, Caregiver

"My 15 to 16 years I have been impressed with the high standards and quality that helping hand has served the community. I say community because everywhere I go many people have heard about us. This brings me great pride as I help each and every client. Caring for all my clients is my highest, honor and our company is the best. I really mean that. Thank you for letting me share."

Sarah Ash, Caregiver

"I love helping hands, they always make sure I get hours. June 26 actually made 1 year and I’m thankful for them because they understand things happen and make sure your shift is covered if needed. The best company I worked for."

Felicia, Caregiver

"Love the people very nice and kind understanding when it comes to family."

Angela, Caregiver

"I, Deborah Bentley, have had the best experience as a CNA with this company. The office employees are VERY friendly and helpful with clients and the girls out in the field in homes. They do a great job matching clients to aides. As a CNA in homes or hospital or nursing homes this job is for me. It has been the best experience. I thank you all in the office for your help"

Deborah, Caregiver

"I’ve been working for helping hands for 3 years and I am honored to be a part of a great company. The love & passion behind this company is wonderful & there’s no job I rather be a part of."

Tiarra, Caregiver

"Helping hands is very nice place to work with I love it so much."

Dieurenise, Caregiver

"Helping Hand Nursing Services is exactly that! The leader in personal caregiving to the elderly or disabled persons who desire to stay in their home opposed to giving into an assisted living or nursing home facility. They are licensed, bonded, and insured with more than 101 ways to help with patient’s needs. As a caregiver (independent contractor) with helping hand nursing services for 10 years I feel that they are the #1 agency in Polk county. And I find this very rewarding."

Carolyn, Caregiver

"This is a great company to work for. Don’t get hassled by the supervisors a great company with good clients."

Angela, Caregiver

"I have been working with helping hands services for over 12 years. They always put workers as their first priority and keep me busy working. Good relationship with everyone. One of the best company around Polk county."

Muriel, Caregiver

"I have worked for helping hand for five years, it is a great company. And provides great service to the customers with compassion and love."

Yacenia, Caregiver

"The best place to work for that I have ever worked. All frontend employees are super. The owner is very on spot and attentive with both employees and clients."

Stephanie, Caregiver

"Helping hand is a great place to work. I’ve been with them for many years. The staff has been kind and help a caregiver however they can. They can. They are quick to answer questions whenever a caregiver is not sure about something. Overall, the company is great and I have no regrets working and being a part of their team."

Judith, Caregiver

"From 1 to 10 helping hands is an 11. They always are there to help. So thumbs for all of their help in the office."

Sheila, Caregiver

"I enjoy working for this agency this past year and all the staff has been amazing to me and all the caregivers as well."

Amanda, Caregiver

"I’m very honored to say that helping hands treats you like family. They are very understanding and a loveable company to work for. I’m very happy I joined the team, family and I want to thank Helping hands for giving me the opportunity to work with them."

Juanita, Caregiver

"It’s a pleasure to work for helping hands got to meet a lot of nice clients/family. I brought aboard my daughter, mother we are one big happy family."

Doris, Caregiver

"Great place to work. I’ve been here for 20 years."

Gloria, Caregiver

"I have been working with helping hand for 6 years now and they are the best caregiving service I ever worked for. I would recommend them to anyone who needs in home care for their loves ones they have the best caregivers and offer the best care for everyone."

Fay, Caregiver

"Helping hands is a good place to work the boss and staff are wonderful. Most of my clients are like family. Wouldn’t want to work anywhere else."

Genalyn, Caregiver

"It has been a pleasure working for helping hands for the past 2 years. I enjoyed working with different types of patients, some were fine, some mean. There is always hours available for you, if you leave a case today, which has never happened to me; however the next day, you already have something available for you. I really enjoy working there and I will recommend to all my friends."

Claire, Caregiver
Helping Hand Nursing Services, Home Health Care, Lakeland, FL